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Vastu for Industries / Factories

Benefits you get with Perfect Vastu are:
• Departmental issues are Resolved; Got Favor (from Authorities) & Success in Litigations;
• Smoother Relations with Bank and other Financial Institutions facilitating In-Time Support;
• Procurement of Raw-Material is Regularized; Improved Relations with Vendors;
• Assured In-time Delivery of ordered-Consignment;
• Safer Work Environment; Frequency of Accidents has reduced to Nil;
• Industry is running successfully, with Significant Gains, as if, it is in ‘Automation-Mode’
• Getting More Orders and Smoother Sales; Increased Brand-Strength and Market Share;
• Achieved satisfactory Presence and Growth in targeted Overseas Markets;
• With Better Performance of Man & Machinery, Production is more than the capacity of the unit;
• Better Quality and Improved Efficiency; Wastage, Rejections, and Thefts are controlled;
• Workers are working diligently and Unrests are completely Resolved;
• Inactive and Non-Cooperative Staff (involved in delaying the output) Left the industry;
• Senior management is Able to See Wider and Planning New Expansions in the unit;
• Better Application of Knowledge leading to effective improvements in the System;