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Vastu for Housing Society & Flat Schemes

1. Try not to go for apartments that are oddly shaped, go for square or rectangular buildings.
2. Avoid apartments that have large bodies of water in the South or West direction of the apartment.
3. You will attract bad luck if the entry to the apartment is towards the South or West of the South-West corner. East and North-East are the best directions to have the entrance, this is said to bring good luck and positivity.
4. The main door to your apartment should be in the North-East direction of the North or East facing wall. See to it that your door does not open directly in front of the lift.
5. The kitchen in the flat should not be facing the main door and should preferably face East.
6. Look for apartments with bore wells, pumps, and lawns in the North-East direction of the property.
When you’re buying a flat in an apartment or looking to rent out a flat you should still look for certain Vastu aspects. A lot of people still think that Vastu is not important because their house is not touching the ground (i.e not on the ground floor) but Vastu doesn’t work that way. No matter how many floors up you are, you’re still connected to the ground. This is why we’ve listed 10 Vastu tips that will help you find an apartment that uses Vastu the right way.
7. If you find that there are balconies in the South or West, it’s best not to rent or buy that apartment.
8. If you’re looking to travel a lot look for –Apartments with a completely covered boundary wall in the west. A lot of open space in the East or North-East.
9. If safety is your main concern, see to it that the apartment complex has the watchman’s cabin anywhere but in the North-East corner of the building. When the property slopes from South-West to the North-East.
10. Look at the doors and windows of the apartment that you’re going to buy. Is it in even numbers? If yes, then the next step is to see if all the doors open inwards. If yes this will keep positive energy instead of letting it out.