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Vastu Expert and Reiki Grand Master

Mrs. Aparna Jaiswall is a dynamic, multi-talented Vastu Consultant from Nagpur, India. She is most commended Vastu Professional and one of the rising stars in Vastu Remedies and Healing Therapy in India today.
With deep knowledge of Vastu Shastra, she has healed many people who feel uplifted, satisfied, and confident because of her unique insight of Vastu-Shastra and Healing Therapies. She has done her studies in Vastu Shastra from Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University and thereafter she has benefited and healed many people financially and with good health across the globe. Mrs. Aparna Jaiswall has been awarded as Best Vastu Expert 2018 in Mumbai.


• To provide peace, harmony, prosperity, good health and wealth to the clients with my deep Vastu Knowledge.
• To provide immense satisfaction to the clients through a scientific analysis of the Vastu and then by providing the remedial measures which incidentally do not require any structural changes in the building or the flat.
• To provide a long term association and helps in solving the most notorious problem of a person.


• Plot, Shops Houses, Building, Offices, Farms Vastu Remedy
• Client Numerology and other therapy
• Vastu Nabhi Sthapana
• Navghra Sthapana through Precious Stone (Nav Ratna) Therapy
• Navghra Plates Sthapana
• Crystal Therapy
• Pyramid Therapy
• Complete Structural Changes according to Vastu (If Client Agrees) Else Vastu Remedies through Therapies
• Bhoomi Charging
• Converting Negative Vastu to Positive Vastu